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As a prospective client, it’s impossible for you to now ignore conserving resources in your building project.  “Sustainable Development” is about the client making conscious choices when presented with a range of options that balance economic and environmental benefits and the architect being fully briefed on putting sustainability into practice.   It is no longer optional for our profession – statutory requirements have now made sustainability compulsory through increased regulation. 

It is now mandatory that clients take this on board and consider the following.

How you build, such as:-

  1. insulation going into new and existing buildings for walls, floors and roofs is radically increased
  2. recycled materials, such as hemp, rubber, etc are being suggested and their use encouraged by the Government

How you heat, such as:

  1. renewable energy from natural resources, such as ground heat, wind power and solar energy can be applied for your heating and hot water supplies, either as stand-alones or together

How you use other resources, such as:

  1. low energy light bulbs
  2. automatic switch offs
  3. you are encouraged to recycle ground water for drought conditions, together with grey water from baths and washing machines
  4. computer controlled and microchip systems can be utilised, using a small amount of energy to save a lot more, including the new developments in wireless electrics

All of the above can be discussed and we can deal with it.  

Currently, we have several green projects underway.