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Clare on site Clare Martineau AA Dipl, RIBA

Clare handles all town planning work, and specialises in detailed negotiation for listed buildings and conservation work.  She is also very experienced at contractual and legal negotiations.  Clare’s tenacity with planning departments is founded upon her detailed knowledge of planning law.  As well as her architectural design input, particularly with concept, she designs interiors and gardens.
John on site! John Martineau AA Dipl, RIBA

John is not “just” an architect – he is skilled in various trades, capable of carpentry, plumbing, electrics, tiling, brick laying and plastering.  He has encyclopaedic knowledge of current and historic building techniques. John is primarily responsible for all survey work, technical input and production of information for drawings.  He supervises work on site to conform to his own exacting standards.  He has made an extensive study of green architecture methodology, and is currently working on several “green” projects.
House in conservation area

Clare and John Martineau are architects with over 50 years experience between them and have been working together for many years.  We trained at the Architectural Association, with tutors including today’s leading architects, Lords Foster and Rodgers. We worked in larger practices, including our own, the TV industry, residential and office property and then re-formed five years ago, to concentrate on those smaller jobs that need so much attention. 

Our USP is that there aren’t many architectural firms where the experience of the principals is devoted to such projects.

And we can’t be accused of being vague and airy-fairy when it comes to builders – we do our own developments on a design and build basis so, like you, we’ve spent our own money on our own projects.

House in conservation area